Wales Home Education

A group for home educators to discuss issues and offer support in a non judgmental and open way. This group is open to all genuine home educators regardless of their Job, background or any other factors.

A supportive online community for Home Educators in the UK

This group is for home educators to access discounts. Advertisers are welcome as long as they offer a genuine discount to us and dont spam us with the same thing over and over again.
Please contact the moderator if you wish to join or advertise here

A support and help group for people home educating a child or children with special needs, or interested in doing so.
Please do ask questions, we'll be happy to answer.

Page for those involved in Home Educating their children in the Cardiff and wider South Wales areas. Providing Social and Educational opportunities regardless of educational style, special need or age

Home Edding is a constant bid to keep our kids motivated and inspired and even harder when you're heading into exam country. Just reading from a book and doing endless exam papers is dull, dull, dull! So, if you find anything that inspires or informs for the IGCSE/GCSE syllabus, please feel free to share.
Perhaps you've got stuck trying to find something that helps with a tricky topic? If so, please ask here - someone may well have a suggestion.

This is a non-political forum with no agenda other than to educate our kids and share some of the fun. If you are unhappy about anything you see on this page please contact me and I will try to resolve the problem.

This page was started while my son was studying IGCSE in Environmental Management, so the links are mainly related to this topic at the moment. However, links on ALL topics at GCSE level are welcome. It could help if you state in your share what topic it is relevant to, then anyone searching the page can just search for their required topic.

A Group for Home Educators to sell, swap or find any pre owned items.
Toys, Books, Household Items, Unwanted Gifts etc.

New members must be referred by an existing member or send an introductory message to the group admins. Without these, you will not be able to join.

A central resource for Home education in the UK. Here you can find information, support and answers to your questions.

Welcome to Home Education Awareness (UK) please feel free to join if you would like to be involved in/discuss raising awareness of home education and dispelling some of the myths surrounding it.

This group is for providing information and assistance to home educators or flexischoolers on all aspects of their relationship with their local authorities, with regard to their education provision. With particular emphasis on anything that is not legally accurate in their policies and communications.
Admin will send a message to anyone asking to join who is not known to them or other members, requesting some basic information. This is to weed out a current wave of spam.

Every achievement is valid and inspiring. From the largest to the smallest, each and every one of these milestone is valid and important.

This group is now BY INVITATION only. If you are new to home education, you will need to be invited or vouched by members of this group.

This page is created to allow home educating families to share their happiness and success story. With the purpose of providing assurance, guidance and confidence that home education can do wonders. This is not a support group, but merely a wall showcasing all our childrens' amazing achievements.

It is with hope that this page will forever continue on its own momentum, serving the Home Ed community for many years to come. Please feel free to refer this page to any new home educators, or anyone considering home education but is unsure of what to expect.
This group is set up as a platform to share travelling tips and info with each other. As home educators we then to see a lot of situation thru our home edding eyes......which means even when we are travelling, we are seizing up learning opportunities. And for some of us here, we are travelling due to commitment and some make travelling as part of the home edding syllabus.

And so...lets get sharing and teach each other new things ^_^.