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 Private individuals, tutors and home educators in the UK receive our retail prices with discounts based on their total order value:

  • Order total of £20 — £40 = 10% discount
  • Order total over £40 = 20% discount
  • Order total over £100 = 35% discount

FREE Guide to home educating which you're welcome to sign up for. It's a bit unlike anything you'll find elsewhere because, as some of you know (!), I was taught at home myself, so I can reassure you that your children will thrive without school. You can get a free copy here:         Mid 19 century farmhouse B&B and

Riding Stables. Ideal base for walking, mountai
n biking

and horse riding. Individually tailored riding & stable

management lessons, childrens parties & fun days.

Home ed kids stay free with full paying adults, during off peak times!

Buy one, get one free.  So if one person 

takes up a membership they can then

send me the details of another member who will 

be added for free.  So two 12 month

memberships for £24. Send details to

Mike Hutchins

We're a small company dedicated to empowering parents in their child's education. We cover English, Maths and Science across the National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 to 4.

The discount code for our site is HOMEED20

Cambridge Home School

Internet school for home educated and expat children
10% discount-enter voucher code 100468 when registering child with the school to receive the discount.

IGCSE English


for home educators by

Catherine Mooney

£10 discount when you mention this site

Rob Mudie at Training Connect who is the UK distributors for Literacy Planet. They do offer a home ed discount - of £36. They need a group of at least 25 parents - to set up a home ed group from september. If you want to join now then the cost would be pro rata and you would be added to one of the existing groups for access until April 2014 which is when the group renewal is due.

12 months Reading Eggs- UKH25EDU - You will then get Reading Eggs for £25

50% using code HEA1009

Educational Visits

How to book

Did you know that self-led visits to Cadw sites are free to educational groups? To book your free visit, please follow these simple steps:

  • Telephone the site to check the availability for the date you’d like to visit.

Free CREST Star activities

they also give a membership discount to home educators

Home Educators

Home educating is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to schooling for many families in the UK and is the perfect home education tool. Designed to move at the same pace as the child is developing, its personalised learning approach concentrates on how each child's home schooling experience is focused on their own needs as they study from home.