Wales Home Education

Q Can I home educate my special educational needs child (SEN)?
    yes lots of children with sen are home educated and have great results.

Q Can I just deregister my child with sen?
    yes as long as they are in main stream school, if they are in a special school you must request permission from the  
    Local Education Authority (LEA)  but, they are not allowed to refuse unless they have very good reason. Generally
    people take children out of Special schools straight away and dont wait for consent from the LEA as long as the
    letter has gone in.

Q If my child is statmented do I need to maintain the statement?
    No it is the LEA's responsibility to maintain the statement not the parents, most LEA's will continue to have annual
    reviews to maintain the statement, parents will be invited to attend but dont have to. However, if you have a child
    with complex SEN then it may be worth while participating in keeping the statement up to date in case the child
    needs support in later years accessing a college.